Darlene Hoffman

Darlene is nitroglycerin. She’s weathered some horrendous things and her faith in God remains intact. She also happens to be a deadly sharpshooter. Her immense heart and strength of will are packaged in a tiny frame but she has never had a difficult time keeping up. Her love for Noah could only be matched by his love for her. He is the rock that her fire can quench itself on.

Karen Chastain

The hard knocks of life keep coming at Karen and she keeps knocking them down. She is intolerant to a fault: intolerant to stupidity, intolerant of bigotry, intolerant of just about anything most people have to experience in their daily lives. That’s why she drove trucks for a living. That’s why she can’t hold a relationship down. That’s why you never want to see ‘that’ look in her eye.

Lewis Miller

Lewis wants so desperately to belong. To anything. All his life he's been hampered by an unerring ability to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It's cost him friends. It's cost him jobs. But what it's never cost him is the unwavering knowledge that he is always smarter than everyone else. If he can turn it into a game of wits, a game of one-upmanship in cranial capacity he can crush any intruder, destroy any usurper and obliterate any meathead. The sad thing is that he's actually right. He's that smart. Sometimes so smart that the obliteration comes and only moments later does he realize what came out of his mouth. By then the damage is done. Whether it's a fight or a firing. It's over and he has to start again. Deep down that little boy inside just wants to belong.

Matthew Jackman

Professor Jackman understands weight. Not the physical "I'm-to-fat" kind of weight. But every year that goes by the burden of rejection and the weight of never living up to the highest standards pulls heavier and heavier on his shoulders. At a young age he knew he was destined to be one of the great intellectuals of his time. A philosopher to match Plato. A playwright to wrestle Shakespeare. A giant bound for the Nobel Prize. Instead he teaches dermatology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His students think he's a crank, a pie-in-the-sky dreamer with aspirations far above his station in life. He's published short stories and poems in obscure intellectual journals. He's written twelve novels though none have been optioned. His best friend is a bottle of Bunnahabhain and a steak dinner though often enough without the steak. As one of the great scribes once said, “It is a time when one's spirit is subdued and sad, one knows not why; when the past seems a storm-swept desolation, life a vanity and a burden, and the future but a way to death.”

Miranda Palmer

Quiet. Sweet. Genuinely cares about people. In twenty or so years she’d make a wonderful caretaker because she likes to help. She likes to change people’s lives. Though she isn't the brightest member of the group, she is the kindest. Greer is convinced that the ‘end of the world’ didn’t help her sanity.

Noah Dawson

Noah is a drifter. He goes from town to town, working odd jobs, trying to stay out of prison. Until the calamity, Noah had no purpose. Now, he has Darlene. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, he would not do for her. He’s also extremely grounded in reality. More so than anyone else in the group, Noah can see the big picture. Oh, and he's huge, standing well over six feet tall and packing around 250 pounds.

Paul Dupree

Paul likes nothing better than foot rubs and nice quiet evening sitting in front of the old black and white. He dearly loves Miranda and would never do anything to harm her. In fact, if he were younger, he's certain he'd be able to protect her - as it should be. But, alas, he's not. Sometimes Paul has strange dreams. They involve seafood. Lots of seafood. It's been a long time since Paul had a good fish dinner. Most of the fish are gone. And it's too far to the nearest stream or river that might hold some. He loves Miranda. She reminds him a lot of his daughter. But she's dead now. Everyone dies sooner or later. Red spots and black tongues are certainly no way to go.

Sam Greer

Vet of both Iraq wars. Loner. Survivalist. Smart. Bad heart. Greer hates having anything upset his routine. If there was a way he could disappear from human involvement he would think very seriously about taking it. He’s not particularly good at the long term, tending to focus on taking care of what’s now. But he’s also not stupid. He listens for others out in the world because he KNOWS eventually he’ll have to step outside.

Simon Cutter

He’s gorgeous and has a healthy confidence, which is what makes him a movie star. Literally. He was one of the go to men in Hollywood right before the end. He’s great with people. A solid leader and smart enough to know he can’t do it all.

Susan Carter

Dr. Susan Carter is a woman of great determination and the inquisitiveness to stare into the dark corners of the world the rest of us prefer to think do not exist. She is brave and unrelenting in her quest to seek answers to questions that should be left unasked.

Terri Collins

Terri will break your heart. She's the mother in the group, the soft heart that is always there when you feel down or you don't want to do anything else but hide and die. Terri won't let you do that. She watched her children and her husband succumb to the madness and she fought very, very hard but in the end she couldn't save them. She lives with this every single day, every time she sees a child, every time someone says they quit. Just keep one thing in mind, she's a mother. And the others, well, they're now her family. Do not cross a mother with her children.