A Little Town called Roxboro

Pamela and I met recently with the mayor of Roxboro, Merilyn Newell, for lunch. Ms. Newell is a wonderfully enthusiastic patron of the arts and as our lunch turned into a discussion of all the possibilities and tribulations The Endless Whispers would be bringing her town it was clear that we had solved one of our location issues.

As you can see from the photos, Roxboro has a small town feel to it but it’s also got little surprises that make it so exciting to represent the location you’ll see a lot of in the opening half hour of the film. For example, the last few images reveal a space that was left from a building burning out between all the other buildings in the block, it’s like a gaping wound (but can only be seen from the back, from the front you see a beautiful mural that has a special place for Merilyn.) Suffice it to say, actor Christopher Houldsworth is going to get to know this particular spot quite intimately.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet Merilyn and several members of the town and it makes me chomp at the bit that much more. Hordes of nastiness and a reluctant hero all right here. I’ve been told by Merilyn that the townsfolk also love the opportunity to be in the film.

I think they’ll get plenty of opportunities.