Alan tackles the role of An, mentor and sensei to Simon Cutter, in the featurette Masamune no Kimi. He is an actor from the Southeast and has played roles in primetime TV and film. He recently worked on “Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving”, “Quantico”, “Secrets and Lies”, and Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots”. He has also has played roles in “Suicide for Beginners”, “That Loving Feeling”, “One Saturday Morning”, “Half Life: The Series”, and “Checkpoint”.

Alan currently trains with Ron Fallica and Allie McCulloch at Actors Arsenal in Wilmington, NC. He has also studied under Mark Jeffrey Miller and Toni Reynolds.

Alan is a former Marine who has made his transition into the film industry. He is active in martial arts and rugby. He is hard working, driven, and tenacious about accomplishing his goals.

He has also been known to wrestle a live wild bear . . . and win.