We attended the 2015 Eastern North Carolina Film Festival last night. Fun crowd. Great group of filmmakers and some really intriguing films. They showed @140 films but the one unfortunate thing about a film festival this big is there is no way to see everything. I probably saw about 30 of them.

encff2015 About 2 pm during the festival someone told me that we had been nominated in two categories: Best Supporting Actor (W. Scott Parker, Huckleberry) and the Judges Award, i.e. Best Picture, for The Endless Whispers Cycle. Completely unexpected but a pleasant surprise to find that out.

The red carpet and the award ceremony were pretty quick and simple (which is how I like them.) Scott Parker, unfortunately, did not win for Huckleberry, but he was in great company as I had seen two of the other five best supporting actor nominees and they were all pretty stellar.

However, Best Picture (or Judges Award) was won by The Endless Whispers Cycle. This was definitely a surprise because I’d seen three of the other five best nominees and they were amazing films.

So, there you have it. Every cast, crew and support member (i.e. significant others and family members) was essential to getting TEW where it is so far. It has been a fantastic beginning and hopefully this won’t be the last bit of recognition we all receive for our phenomenal work.