All pictures taken by Cynthia Duke Photography. ©2014, Project Whiskey.

Game Over wrapped a little over a week ago.

It was a pretty darn good day. Started bright and early around 5:30 (with a lot of prep the previous day). The crew was on-set by 7:00, cast by 9:00, first shot around 10-ish. We had a lot of ground to cover but with some hardcore planning we spend a good deal of time on the creatives.

Logistically there really wasn’t anything that went horribly wrong on the shoot although it’s a good idea to remember that when you borrow your neighbor’s basement (as it’s the only one you could find in the Triangle) that at 92 she’s likely to have things just right upstairs. Like the 1 pm radio show she regularly listens to. In the room right over your heads. I wasn’t about to tell her to turn it off, so we took our lunch break a tad earlier than expected.

Everybody involved from the crew; Krista Babbitt (producer), Eric Barstow (director of photography), Caleb Childers (sound), Cynthia Duke (production photographer), to the cast; George Kaiser (Lewis), Brandon Gorman (Todd), Gabriel Angelo Brown (Mark), Ashley Victoria Atkinson (Kat), were awesome and I’m really excited to unleash this puppy to everyone so they can get their first taste of The Endless Whispers.

So, come back soon, we’ll be debuting it in less than two weeks.