“…and it has been over too many years, with too many lives at stake that we come at this crossroads. Today, and from henceforth, we honor those who have joined the ranks of the Doomed. Those who have given of themselves to fight the darkness that now engulfs our world, to light a flare for those who come after. Hope.”

David and Judy Adamson
Rachel Albert
Stacia, John and Ben Albert
Frank and Cherie Babbitt
Robert M. Barr
Mary Charles Blakebrough
Dave Brauer
Gregory T. Buker
Karen Fowler
Lucinda Gainey
Kim Garavaglia
Malina Germanova
Michael Grogan
Julie Gupton
Jessica Habecker
Jenni Hesterman
Roxanne Hicklin
Jason Izaguirre
Allyson Jacob
Chris Jones
Alexander Julian III
David and Susan Kanen
Nancy Keck
Annette Laing
Rebecca Lakey
Matthew Lenger
Elaine Lumpkin
Russell Martin
Jim McQuaid
Louie Mills
Ligia Morales
Toy Palace a.k.a. JG
Shannon Ramsey
Doug Schepers
Bev Schieman
Alex Shangraw
Anthony Siciliano
Larry Stys
Jonathan Van Ark
Barbara Whitnack
Matt Whitnack
Derrick Williams
Mark Williams
Geoffrey Zeger

We have launched a several crowd funding campaigns to raise money over the course of five featurettes. All of the individuals above contributed to this campaign and without their aid, The Endless Whispers would be silent.*

We can never thank them enough.

*one could argue that silencing the whispers saved people, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.
bolded names represent multiple gifts from our several crowdfunding campaigns