Jonathon Freeman-Anderson is a producer, writer, and an actor working on a variety of feature films, short films, music videos, television shows, web-series, documentaries, and commercials since 2010. Having worked both in front of and behind the camera, Jonathon is thoroughly experienced in the process of film production with a strong passion to produce work and art of high quality and entertainment value. Maintaining this passion, since receiving a degree in Theatre where he acquired his love for performance and production is an effort and an education that Jonathon looks forward to with constant curiosity, esteem, and collaborative creativity on every production.

As a producer, Jonathon brings energy, compassion, and experience to every project. His demeanor and character allows him a network of positive contacts and collaborations with artists from every department of the film-making process. Notable productions that Jonathon has worked on include; “Universal Language,” “Western Religion,” “Halloween Hell,” “Writer’s Block TV,” “Comfort,” “The Shickles,” “Interns,” “Goblin Queen,” “Outpost,” “Foolish Endeavor,” “Broken Together,” and most recently, “Wolfmother.”

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