It was a long and very cold night for many (although looking at the images you can probably take a good stab at who was in his element.)

The Highlights (but only some, too many to name). 

The amazing people. Gina Paschall owner of Triangle Used Tires (the location).  Our extras were like stormtroopers, much awesomeness. Willing to get down and dirty. Just delightful.  Alison, Tom, Tia, Daniel, Owen. Script Supe Pamela Smith and Slate Dea Bell.

Stuart Barefoot tackling sound and nailing it!

As always my backbone, Krista.

I have to give a special shout out to Tim Holt. Cannot wait to show you guys what this man did on camera. Watching the rushes I nearly asphyxiated.

Thankfully we were well planned, which helped to minimize the damage done by ‘The Bad.’

The weather. Yes it was a little cool and some folks got a little cold but it could have been much worse given the fact that we had a major ice storm the day BEFORE the shoot. Also, everyone knows I love colder weather so that’s always going to be a plus for me.