Owen Daly joins the cast of Forsaken as Lucas, a mysterious stranger who is far more than he seems. He is an omnivorous actor playing many roles from Einstein to Drug Lord, from Art Critic to Holy Roller Preacher.  In addition to working with Michael Babbitt in “The Endless Whispers”, Owen has worked with North Carolina filmmakers including Jim McQuaid in “Grace Running”,  Dean Garris in “Parlay”, Rob Underhill in “Box Brown”, with Roger Paris in  “Scorpion” and Roger Franks in “The Carrier”. He will appear as a sinister preacher in the Parris Entertainment feature film “Youngsville” due to be released later this year. Owen was selected to be one of the actors in the Carrboro “10 By 10 Festival” last year.  See more at OwenDaly.com