Some behind the scenes look at a bit of makeup effect creations for our upcoming short Righteous. Simple, though not easy, fun and really fantastic work done by the immensely talented Marti Walters. The skin is for a covering were making to allow the actress to be protected during aContinue Reading

Here is an excerpt of an email conversation from the director to the production designer concerning locations. “Without a schematic I”m having a little difficulty orienting myself. Schematic and storyboard included below. What is in the door that’s right next to the desk and window in this pic(1) ? IsContinue Reading

Alan tackles the role of An, mentor and sensei to Simon Cutter, in the featurette Masamune no Kimi. He is an actor from the Southeast and has played roles in primetime TV and film. He recently worked on “Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving”, “Quantico”, “Secrets and Lies”, and Tyler Perry’s “The HavesContinue Reading

Sue joins us as Pavita in the featurette, Righteous. She grew up in a small town in northeast Thailand, about 15 miles from Cambodian border.  Her interest in acting was sparked as a young girl, when she met Dy Saveth, a popular Cambodian actress who came to Thailand as a refugee.Continue Reading

We attended the 2015 Eastern North Carolina Film Festival last night. Fun crowd. Great group of filmmakers and some really intriguing films. They showed @140 films but the one unfortunate thing about a film festival this big is there is no way to see everything. I probably saw about 30Continue Reading

The man struts down Elm Street. It’s nothing more than a skeletal tunnel of dead and gutted buildings. With practiced ease, he side-steps the potholes, the garbage, the greasy brown bones of fleshless corpses, and the blasted out chunks of asphalt and concrete that are the new flora of thisContinue Reading

It’s with great pleasure that we announce The Endless Whispers Cycle has been admitted to the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, Ca. This means all six films will be seen at the festival. That’s pretty cool and we’re very excited. At the same time, they realized who the winnersContinue Reading