Rebecca Blum has performed in various genres of theatre on local stages for the past 20 years. In the past decade, her focus has been on the works of William Shakespeare, having performed in 16 of the Bard’s 39 plays (depending on how one counts them). She was 1/3 of an all-female cast of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [revised] with Raleigh Little Theatre and Actors Comedy Lab. Her current bucket list includes performing in the remaining 23 Shakespeare plays and being a member of a live studio audience…not necessarily at the same time.

Recently, she has begun to broaden her artistic endeavors to include film. She is currently building her resume with local short films and industrial work and enjoys collaborating with local artists on a variety of projects. You can also see her (as well as her husband and three daughters) in Bombshell Studio’s short film, Faces (Helene).

She is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Meredith College’s theatre department. Most of her time is spent as General Manager of the Blum Household organizing the busy lives of her husband and their three amazing daughters. She is also the Artistic Director of the Nickel Shakespeare Girls (, a unique traveling performance troupe, and an Associate Director for Bare Theatre (