State of the Whispers Address

So it has been just over a year (about 14 months) since making the announcement about our upcoming feature film The Endless Whispers. If you’ve been following us much has happened in this time. We’ve produced six featurettes, each a separate story unto themselves, but also fitting nicely into the world prior to the Whispers being released. We’ve added short stories, CB radio broadcasts, numerous images, a vast assortment of interconnecting material that makes the world of The Endless Whispers come alive.

On the production side we’ve made contact with a plethora of helpful resources. We’ve wonderful Roxboro opening their doors to filming all the exteriors in their beautiful city. We’ve got amazing production personnel working behind the scenes (you can see many working their magic in all of the stills from the featurette shoots.) We’ve won one award with our featurettes (Best Actress at the Eastern Carolina Film Festival) and we’ve been accepted so far into two other festivals (and we’ve barely got started with submissions.) An amazing cast, many of which you’ve now had a chance to see do their thing. We’re still searching for investment connections that can help us move forward (the SEC has a great deal of regulations condoning who we can and cannot approach.) We’ve also begun talks with several distributors about pre-distribution deals. All this is to say we’re putting a lot of hard work into getting there, it is taking us a little longer than we’d expected (we began research and groundwork on the project in 2011 – so we’ve been at this a while.)

We’ve hit a few snags as well. The biggest and the elephant in the room being the NC Film Incentive decommissioning. It’s much harder now to continue with investment procurement as we no longer have the 25% to use as an enticement. This in turn has definitely forced us to look at moving the production to SC or GA. Be assured, this is definitely not something we want to do. We want to film in NC, give NC folks jobs and buck the system but we also have to consider all avenues and will do so, but leaving NC is the LAST resort. Keen eyes might note we’ve had some personnel changes. This is, of course, all part of the business. Producing a feature takes time. People have careers that take them in different directions. It happens. Sometimes the creative team realizes that they want to take a certain element in a different direction (i.e. the director and writer have re-written the ending of the script three times – each time it gets better.) That’s just the nature of creative work and long term productions. The confidence in the team we have (in front and behind the camera) couldn’t be stronger and the featurettes should go a long way to proving that.

What’s coming up next? Well, as always we will continue to add content to the website. Many more festival submissions. We have an idea for a ‘radio show’ that we want to do but we also need funding for that (not nearly the scale of either the feature or even the featurettes but it still takes money to get it to to fruition.) We also have four more featurettes to produce (originally it was only going to be two more but we decided to add Sam Greer and Miranda to the mix.) The Cutter (Masamune no Kime) and Darlene (Righteous) featurettes are the next to come up and will most likely shoot sometime in the summer. Yes, we will be raising funds for those (probably Kickstarter, unless the funds come in before that and we can save having to pay Kickstarter 10% :D) and we greatly appreciate the support and love everyone has sent our way.

In the meantime, word of mouth is going to be our strongest asset. So please, sit your friends down in front of the tv (or the ‘puter) and watch the featurettes. Send them the websites. Talk about it with everyone. Spread the word.

After all they are The ENDLESS Whispers.