The creature couldnā€™t remember its true name. It couldnā€™t remember what gender it had been born. Couldnā€™t remember where it had been raised, or what languages it had spoken, or whether it had ever loved or been loved. All it knew was pain. The pain of sharp rocks and unevenContinue Reading

HPL is a huge influence on The Endless Whispers. Both Chris Jones, the screenwriter, and Michael Babbitt, the director, would place it at the top of the list (or at the very least tied for the top of the list.) Read: Providence Here’s one of his poems that Michael says,Continue Reading

Great news. Our very own Clark Sarullo recently wrapped a major role directly opposite John Cusack as his wife, Sharon, in the upcoming feature film Cell. Ā This film is based on a Stephen King story. King has said on many occasions that H. P. Lovecraft has always been a hugeContinue Reading

We made a breakthrough today with the third phoneme. God, eleven months of research and we have one, ONE, recognized sound. “‘Wai” or to be more exact in this case “‘wai” (note the leading accent) and always placed at the end of the word. At first glance it obviously seemsContinue Reading