Very cool link with a number of Lovecraft’s books in audio! Check it out. Of particular note, in the influencing of The Endless Whispers, would be stories like At the Mountains of Madness and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. But that’s just a place to start. The writer, Chris…more

HPL is a huge influence on The Endless Whispers. Both Chris Jones, the screenwriter, and Michael Babbitt, the director, would place it at the top of the list (or at the very least tied for the top of the list.) Read: Providence Here’s one of his poems that Michael says,…more

Just over a year ago, the director, Michael Babbitt, texted my phone and wrote, “I want to do a feature-length movie and I want you to write it.” Great! I thought. I’m always open to writing. It’s more or less what I’ve spent the last 20 years doing professionally. I’ve…more