In the end...after an ancient and supernatural illness devastates the minds of the modern world, a reclusive soldier must protect a handful of survivors from a rampaging horde of lunatics -- even as a creeping madness threatens to tear them apart from within...welcome to the endless whispers.
  • Sacrifice
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    I won't give in
  • Righteous
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  • Huckleberry
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    Huckleberry Trucks
  • Masamune no Kimi
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    Masamune no Kimi
  • Like a Colossus
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    Like a Colossus
  • Game Over
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    One for all and all for one.
  • Radioland 84

    Heard just outside of Littlefield, TX. Warning: Strong language. Radioland 84 transcript

    Daniel 2011

    Found somewhere in Iowa @ Mar or Apr 2014.  

    Salutat10n5 from TGaP

    Salutat10n5 n00b5, pe0n5, scrub5, astr0naut5, 0lympian5, 3x7ra0rd1nary Merf0lk. You will defer to me and refer to me as Lewis: The Great and Powerful or Lewis, TGaP teh 1337.Heart of Tiamat and Soul of Jas-Wee. I hope you are excited as I am to begin this campaign. I shall be throwing...

    Rise of the Haethonites

    The assassination of Tiberius Gracchus in Rome marks the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. Gracchus is a powerful descendent of the Children of Azazel and his assassination marks the re-ascendency of the Haethonites. They slowly begin building their power base to once again open the pathways into this world for their Dark...

    The 600 Year War

    Over the next six hundred years, the surviving Children of Azazel plant the seeds of Haethonite destruction: 100 Holy Assassins — children born and raised in disparate tribes around the region that are trained from the first moments of birth for the singular task of assassinating the Prophet.

    Masamune no Kimi

    Coming Soon. “My name is Simon Cutter. I may not always make action films and I may not always use knives in my movies, but when I do, I choose Masamune Heritage Blades. You don’t need a killer. You need an artist.” Starring Joseph Gray. Directed by Michael Babbitt, this...

    Game Over

    A group of friends gather to seek adventure, riches and fame. They get far more than they bargained. Game Over, starring George Kaiser and featuring Ashley Victoria Atkinson, Gabriel Brown and Brandon Gorman. Directed by Michael Babbitt, this is the first featurette from The Endless Whispers Cycle.


    How far would you go to save your family? Starring Clark Sarullo as Terri and featuring Kaitlynn Neill, Brian Patrick Walsh and Chase Anderson. Directed by Michael Babbitt, this is the third featurette from The Endless Whispers Cycle.

    Mace 2011

    This photograph was believed to have been taken on or around November of 2011 in Raleigh, NC.


    Abdullah and Randolph show up in the Indian city of Benares (modern Varanasi), the so-called “city of temples” and the holiest of the seven holy cities in India. He introduces William to the Thuggee cult. Its members begrudgingly accepts him; they have a long history with Abdullah, knowing him by...