Sacrifice and The Long Road were both accepted and shown at the 2015 FilmSpark festival. In addition, Michael’s (director) short film FACES (helene) was chosen to be part of the ‘best of” symposium.…more

The Endless Whispers Cycle is an official selection at the 2015 Terror Film Festival. The TFF is an online festival that runs 24 hours a day for three days over Halloween. They usually have a viewership in the hundreds of thousands! Also, we were nominated for a Claw Award (their annual…more

Sacrifice  has once again been selected. This time it’s Omaha, Nebraska and the Scream in the Dark Film Festival. We’re very excited.…more

We attended the 2015 Eastern North Carolina Film Festival last night. Fun crowd. Great group of filmmakers and some really intriguing films. They showed @140 films but the one unfortunate thing about a film festival this big is there is no way to see everything. I probably saw about 30…more

It’s with great pleasure that we announce The Endless Whispers Cycle has been admitted to the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, Ca. This means all six films will be seen at the festival. That’s pretty cool and we’re very excited. At the same time, they realized who the winners…more

Great news. “Sacrifice” was accepted into the 2015 Hollywood RIP Film Festival. You can check out their Facebook page for more information. Looks like we’re going to Hollywood. 😀…more