Greetings, Members of the Doomed. For your perusal, have a look at stills from the rough cut of Masamune no Kimi. Keep in mind, these stills do not necessarily represent the look of the final film as they are pulled directly from the rough cut with very little attention to…more

Some behind the scenes look at a bit of makeup effect creations for our upcoming short Righteous. Simple, though not easy, fun and really fantastic work done by the immensely talented Marti Walters. The skin is for a covering were making to allow the actress to be protected during a…more

Here is an excerpt of an email conversation from the director to the production designer concerning locations. “Without a schematic I”m having a little difficulty orienting myself. Schematic and storyboard included below. What is in the door that’s right next to the desk and window in this pic(1) ? Is…more