Great news. “Sacrifice” was accepted into the 2015 Hollywood RIP Film Festival. You can check out their Facebook page for more information. Looks like we’re going to Hollywood. 😀…more

Zoso Language Kit Zoso (’zoh soh’) is the fictional, alien language of The Endless Whispers universe. Over 30,000 years old, it is spoken by the Haethonite heretics amongst themselves as well as with their god known simply as the “Devourer” or Azura’than). In short, it is an ugly language belonging to…more

So we knew going into the shoot that there was one certain visual effect we were going to have to add. It stemmed from having two actresses play the ‘same’ role. Jennifer Russoli is playing the older Dr. Susan Carter and Kayli Tolleson is playing a younger version of Susan. Jennifer…more